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Looking ahead

Well, if you missed our June 25th Taverner/Byrd/Stravinsky/Duruflé programme you missed a treat, even if we do say so ourselves. It was a programme of strong contrasts – ebullient counterpoint on the one hand and reflective chords on the other. Delivering these effectively was no mean feat, and someone was even kind enough to say that the conducting was ‘brilliant’! (Actually, when a choir is singing that well the trick is to keep out of their way by barely conducting at all.) Continue reading


Summer Reflections, Autumn (and beyond) Anticipations

When I was a teacher the Summer break (never use the phrase ‘Summer Holiday’ to a teacher – it isn’t) was for reviewing and preparation. I’ve found this habit hard to break, not that I’ve particularly wanted to do so. However, this year’s pause in Ripieno activities was a welcome one as last year we didn’t really stop but were busy filming, and then preparing for our memorable week in Barcelona.

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